Friday, June 1, 2012


what i received in the mail
I received Yoomi as part of a product review. Yoomi is a self warming baby bottle below is how you use it:
1.To charge your yoomi simply place the warmer in a pan of water (or steam sterilizers) and boil for 25 minutes. Once charged, your warmer stays charged all day and is ready to use whenever you need it just read the instructions to not damage the nipple or warmer.
2. When it is Time for a feed, Simply fill your bottle with EBM or pre-mixed formula. Assemble your bottle, press the orange button, wait 60 seconds and ready to feed.
The convenience of Yoomi is that it stays charged for a long period of time, easy to take along with you and stylish.  So If you have a baby or need a great baby shower gift this is what you need it is the best thing for mom's since sliced bread!. The things I would make different is maybe a slimmer bottle and a smaller warmer as this one is a little heavy . Check out there website at: and do your own research on if it is a perfect fit for you. Looks like it can only be purchased online but if you know a store you shop at regularly for your babies needs then maybe mention it to the manager to see if they can get at your store. The price ranges from $ 6.95 and up.

what it looks like out of the package

what the warmer looks like

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for my review and each review I do is my own opinion..

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