Friday, June 1, 2012


I received Jessner skin peel in the mail  as part of a product review. It came in a neat little package with 3 2 oz. bottles 1-Peel Prep,1 Jessner Solution,1 Neutralizer Solution Spray. If you have never used a chemical peel it helps improve skin tone, minimizes fine lines ,brightens dull and blotchy complexion, dissolves blackheads and kills bacteria, stimulates collagen and produces firmer skin, fades discoloration due to sun damage and hormones, Peels can be used on other areas of the body for similar benefits. They recommend a patch test 3 days before you apply the peel and to do so apply it behind your ear to make sure you have no allergic reaction to the peel. This is my first skin peel and have decided after reading the directions and trying it that it is not for me . You can purchase this online at the kit I received costs $64.00 and  up. 

Disclaimer: I received this as part of a product review in no way was i compensated for this review.This is my own personal opinion. 

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