Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jesus Pure & Simple By Wayne Cordeiro

I recently received in the mail from Bethany Publishing as part of a product review Jesus Pure & Simple. I really enjoyed reading this as it gave me more aware of my spirituality as I was never aware of before and growing myself that way. This book is about It's Time to Get Back to Jesus, Pure and Simple  Do you ever feel like you're being pulled in a million directions? Like you're overwhelmed with various programs and ministries, or with studying the steps to good parenting or the best ways to share Jesus with your neighbors? These are all good things, but even good things can sometimes take us away from our number one responsibility knowing Jesus better. I really enjoyed this book as I said before I am starting to grow more. Here is what an author says about this book:  "Once in a while I catch myself reading a great book and I stop and say, 'I wish I'd written that!' Wayne Cordeiro puts me in that kind of envious mood. But even if I had written Jesus: Pure and Simple it would not have been done nearly as well. Because a book like this can only come from the heart of a man who knows his subject very well."
Calvin Miller, speaker and author of  Letters From Heaven A
bout the author: Wayne Cordeiro is founder and senior pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of the nation's fastest-growing churches. In addition, he fulfills the role as chancellor over his alma mater, Eugene Bible College now known as New Hope Christian College in Eugene, Oregon. Wayne's books include The Irresistible Church, Leading on Empty, and The Divine Mentor. Wayne and his wife, Anna, live in Honolulu and have three grown children.


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Jesus: Pure & Simple

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