Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Elegant Touch Review 2013 Collection

Elegant Touch is back with a variety of false nails and the number 1 in the United Kingdom for false nail brands. They have just launched a new line in the United States and available at Ulta and for over 30 years they have been on the forefront of fashion and beauty trends and styles with celebrity trendsetters such as Katy Perry and Rhianna.  I am always  on the look put for new beauty styles not so much as I know how to wear them but just to see what is out there I got the following to review:
Glitter Nails ($7.99) which is glitter base and chromatic glitter sprinkled with large multicolored glitter too. In the color Razzle Dazzle which is purple (one of my favorite colors) they also have Tickled Pink, Glitz n’ Glamour.
Polished Nails ($7.99) these are a  way to get long lasting color and have a perfect finish made with UV Gel technology it will have a long lasting wear as it will not chip also the top coat will not scratch and the color will not fade. I got the Smile Red then also have Ethereal Rose, Wisteria, Cherry Rose, Coral, Garnet, Acai Berry and Jet Black.
Trend Nails ($7.99) these nails that you press on are made with the UV Gel technology so again will last a long time and will get no scratches or chipping of the nails. I got the stylish Feather ones but they also have Pink Star, Lace, Rainbow Leopard, Pink Sky, Purple, Zebra and Pink Leopard.
Envy Wraps ($6.99) If you have never used Envy Wraps they are like having a sticker on your nails and have to put on just right to not have to long else they will stick on things to pick up. These are 3d with textures and they are quick to apply and no drying time. I got the Acid Graffiti and Dotty Silver they also have Tattoo Mix, Feather, Candy Sprinkles, Gone Wild, Nail Armour, Leopard, Dotty Hot pink, Magneta, Simmers, Caviar and Dotty Monochrome.
Nail Art (9.99) has glitter and stones to custom create your own designs.
Besides what I got they have Multi Nail Art and Nail Art bumper Kits, Classic French Manicure, Flawless French Manicure, Nail Polish Remover called Get’ em off , Brush on Nail Glue and Super Adhesive Tabs. To learn more visit and  . I love all the designs and colors and can see myself wearing the Envy Bling wraps the most as I can’t wear fake nails to work as it is a safety hazard  in the medical setting but maybe when I take a vacation I could wear them. I do not think I have the patience for the Nail Art kit but we shall see.
Twitter: @ ElegantTouchUSA

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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