Sunday, June 30, 2013

Operation Christmas Card

I Just wanted to share this information for you from Operation Christmas Card that is such a good cause:
The New England Dream Center, home of Operation Christmas Cards is holding its first ever 5K and as a part of that we are holding a special Virtual 5K to benefit OCC and Valiant Veterans.

We encourage you join us and run the race virtually where ever you may be. You will get a shirt and a bib, but most importantly we would love for you to help us fund raise and give us the ability to grow OCC and offer more to our troops.

So help us and fund raise your way to some pretty sweet prizes in time for the holidays. You want a 42" SMART TV? Just raise $2500 from friends, family and co workers and its yours! Simple as that!

Prizes for raising the following amounts (one prize per person):Virtual Participants are eligible to earn the same prizes!!**To recieve your prize day of event, funds must be raised by 10/26/2013.
$2500-Smart TV or 16GB iPad Mini
$1500- iPod Touch
$550- iPod Nano
$175- iPod Shuffle

Just follow this link to start fund raising your way to these prizes

To register for the virtual 5K follow this link

We are looking forward to another amazing season with all of you. You have been patiently and anxiously awaiting for us to have the capabilities to do more than just cards and we are finally there!! Help us bring it home by loving our troops to life!

Thank you for supporting our troops!

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