Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I have recently given the opportunity to review great arts and craft kit from Sentosphere which was stared in France by VĂ©ronique Debroise in 1989. The concept of the company is to use all 5 senses, tickling the artistic awareness of people of all ages. I got the Aquarellum Horses which with a few drops of paint you can create a masterpiece and is based on a masking technique
on vellum paper, allowing the paint to adhere only to selected areas. The design is gradually revealed with every brush stroke and may be painted
over repeatedly to obtain a perfect picture. This activity is ideal to initiate children in the art of painting, understanding the mixing of colours and stimulating their imagination and concentration.
 I also got Sandimage Dolphins and Fish you just remove the protective layer from the adhesive board and one by one apply the colored sands from the 15 supplied. A fun and artistic activity aimed at developing manual skills and the sense of color. Besides what I got they have Scented Games, Creative Fun, Jewellery Kits, Beautycare sets and so much more. I have never heard of this company until when I recently searched the web or seen them in the stores where I live they have been in the USA since 1995 to learn more visit  . Go to to see the nearest location near you I have two in my state which is great as now I know where to buy my nieces and nephews Christmas and Birthday gifts.

My Opinion: I really like these as they are easy to do and great learning and creative tool for kids and adults alike.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from your

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