Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Clouds #Flavor Nation #Inspiring Discoveries

Looking at the clouds I can see so many different shapes in them from being light and fluffy like a marshmallow to a heart in those clouds in the sky and there are days you can just lay outside and see a story in the clouds and let your imagination run wild that is what is great about them seeing a story and seeing what you can find forming in the sky. It is one of nature’s rare beauties that in this day and age we truly miss being so busy with life working, driving and taken the kids to where they need to go. You need to just let go and enjoy a nice day on relaxation in the backyard or at the beach depending on where you live. I can say I live in the deep woods and really enjoy my peace and quiet as I age but it has its drawbacks as you miss those city things but learn to compromise with what you got. Try some awesome coffee at

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