Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The CuteBox

Every monthly around the 21st you will be shipped a monthly box from The CuteBox this is $18 per month, $52.50/months and $102 for 6 months and this includes shipping. The May 2016 box arrived with giraffe stickers on it and inside you will not believe how cute the items are I guess that is why it is called The Cute Box! The theme for May is Rilakkuma which is from Japan. 

Sentimental Circus Paper Creative Box with pictures of Sentimental Circus characters with a black interior which can be used to store paper, pens, pencils or gift box. 

Rilakkuma Band-Aid comes with five sheets with five Band-Aids each on them with teddy bears and chickens on them. You can use these to cover any wounds or boo-boos you may have.  

Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee business sized cards for ATM Cards, Trains Cards, Card Bus, Flazz Card, E-Money, E-Toll Card and Payment Card Member or Anything can we decoration with this sticker. Make your card unique, beautiful, and funny. Cards are guaranteed you will never be confused again with another person's card and allows you to distinguish it from other cards. 

Bag Jewelry Seal Cell Phone Stickers with diamond style  pattern with hearts, dots, and rectangles in the colors pink, purple and blue which you can decorate your mobile phone . 

DIY Candy Paste Kit Kracie Popin' Cookin' is a series of edible DIY candy in funny shapes, that you can easily make yourself by adding water to the ingredients of the package which content: 3x bags of powder with different candy ingredients and sprinkles, 1x spoon, 1x mold. 

Bracelet with stars and circles that had gemstones on a gold chain.  

San- X Rilakkuma Sentimental Circus Key Cap Cover Keychain this is made of rubber that fits on any key.

Kaybaya JYU-C Shortcake AJI is like with a strawberry shortcake flavor similar to a SweetTart. The candy has a powdery consistency that just melts in your mouth, coating your tongue with strawberry flavor; comes in a handy tube decorated with funny animal characters, with 15 pieces inside. 

Cute Pink & Brown Rilakkuma Bell Mobile Cell Phone Charm Strap Party Gift which jingle when you walk as the bell inside really works not to mention can be used for iPods, iPhones, MP3 players and more.  

Rilakkuma Ball Point Pen with six different colors of ink and a think pen for gripping.
My Opinion: I really do like everything in this box and this is perfect for girls mostly as they are so cute and delicate looking. The ball point pen works great and all the colors looked nice, the key cap fit my key just fine and the candy was interesting, to say the least but a good box for the money.
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 Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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