Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Early Morning Inspirations #Flavor Nation

Waking up each morning to a view of the sun just rising and peeking over  the lake right in front of you with the fog sitting on top as the air is warmer then the water  is a great way to wake up and so very relaxing. I like to sit outside with a cup of Crazy Cups Coffee and enjoy nature and be inspired about what I might see. Maybe I will see a loon family pass on by or maybe even a duck quacking in the water. You will even hear a boat motor as it is the perfect time for fishing. I think about what the day has in store for me what is on my list today rather it may be working, exercising or running errands and before long my mind has wandered to a place far, far away the water and what I would do if I could sit here and enjoy it all day I decided I would go swimming as it is going to be a hot day. I would also sit and read a nice book and fall asleep perhaps. What would you do if you could instead of work? What Inspires You?
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This is a sponsored post from Crazy Cups Coffee which I will be compensated for. 

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