Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer 2016 Must Have For Kids

The school is coming to an end and I have found some great ways to keep them busy and they are all outdoor things as summer is all about the outdoors.

1. The Monster Factory Pop up Play Tent which can be taken to the beach, used in the backyard or indoor use not to mention it pops up quickly and putting it away is a breeze. See the full review at

2. Stansport Starlite Mesh Backpack Tent from The Discovery Store this is perfect for outdoor camping or backyard star gazing and to view the different planets in the sky at night also to get away from those pesky mosquitoes. See the full review at

3. Beastly T-Rex Flashlight & Binoculars Set  from The Discovery Store which can be used to view birds, animals and far away to see the boat in the middle of the water or the top of the hill. These are great for kids to look around and enjoy nature around you. See the full review at

I will be adding more to this as they come in to me so stay tuned. 

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