Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gillette Shave Club Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

Gillette Shave Club sends you your choice of razor rather it is Mach3 Turbo which is $16.99 what you get is 1 handle, 1 kit, 5 razor cartridge refills.. Fusion ProGlide which is $19.49 and includes 1 handle, 1 kit, 4 razor cartridge refills and shave gel is the first kit. Fusion ProShield which is $22.45 with 4 razor cartridge refills, 1 kit, plus handle .These all include free shipping and your first box includes free shave gel or shave cream as well. you can decide how often you want to get Gillette Shave Club delivered to your door rather it be monthly up to every six months the option is yours. I got the Fusion ProGlide Kit if you have never used this razor let me tell you that it has FlexBall Technology that  makes maximum contact over your face that contours and gets virtually every hair and featuring long-lasting performance. 

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Shave Gel + Skin Care 2-in-1 brings you a smooth shave from start to finish. Combining shave gel with skin care, the 2-in-1 formula hydrates to soften hair, helps protect your skin during the shave, and improves razor glide for an incredible shave. Even better, our redesigned pack has a clean-dispense actuator, a rust-free bottom, and a gel gauge for no mess, no rust, and no guessing Ocean Breeze Scent. I also got the Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor which has one razor cartridge which is on the handle and this one is Gillette's most advanced cartridge; Fusion ProShield lubrication BEFORE and after the blades helps to shield while you shave. Plus, FlexBall Technology makes maximum contact over contours and gets.

My Opinion: I really think this is a great deal as when I go in to the store rather it is Wal-Mart or Walgreens they charge so much more than the Gillette Shave Club does for the same razor. I think this is a great Father’s Day gift for my dad or my husband as they always shave and keep clean cut looking. The blades go give a close and clean shave. The shave gel also makes my husband’s skin soft on his face which I love.

Disclaimer: I received the Gillette Shave Club for free in exchange for a product review. This is still solely my own opinion which may differ from yours. 


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