Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Upgrading Mealtimes: Add Some Speed To Your Kitchen

Being a mom is a busy job, and one of the busiest places you’ll find yourself in your kitchen. The whole family need to eat at least three times a day (not to mention all the snacks in between), so there’s always going to be food to cook for hungry family members. Aside from evening meal times; you probably have packed lunches to make alongside breakfast each morning, and then there's the task of giving your loved ones a variety of different meals so that no one gets bored.

It can be exhausting just thinking about it. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about the processes and kitchen equipment that can help you out a little. The following are some ideas for busy moms who (sadly) don’t have the means to hire a personal chef every day of the week (this is your chance to make yourself a coffee and enjoy a break).

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Preparation Is Key

A routine of thorough preparation will help you no end when it comes to busy breakfast times and dinner in the evening. Packed lunches are the perfect thing to get ready for the next day, or even the week ahead, and can be popped in the refrigerator ready for the kids to grab on their way out to school. Chop up fruit and veg, make sandwiches, and place them in a lunchbox ready for the morning. When it comes to healthy snacks; you can prep these days in advance, so you can grab a handful when you’re preparing individual lunches and it will save you even more time. Sunday night is the perfect time to ensure that you have everything you need in the fridge for your recipes, and you’ve chopped and sliced whatever you’re able to in advance to set you up for the week ahead.

Your freezer could become your best friend; making large quantities of food at the weekend and then freezing dinner-sized portions is a great way to ensure your family are eating food that will nourish them during the week. Chop up any salad or fresh vegetables that will accompany each dish, so you just have to heat everything up when the hungry troops arrive home. Check out for some great ideas on easy freezer meals for your family (before you visit the grocery store).

Get some Gadget Help

Don’t feel that you have to do everything by hand, by yourself. There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos on the market that are designed to speed up each process in your kitchen. It’s worth taking a look at sites like so you can grab some great deals on kitchen electricals should you choose to invest in some.

Slow cookers can produce a delicious stew, without you having to keep an eye on throughout the day; perfect for days where you have a million other things to do and still want a wholesome meal at the end of it. Blenders and soup or smoothie makers are a fast way to get a variety of fruit and veg into your little ones with minimal effort (or chopping). You work hard; so it’s time to work smart in your kitchen and make family life run that little bit smoother.

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