Tuesday, April 2, 2019

LONOY Foot Rest Cushion

LONOY Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk-Ergonomic made with Soft and durable Leathaire which is a woven fabric made to look and feel like leather but have the breathability of fabric for a more comfortable feel as it will not be too hot or too cold depending on the season, Leathaire is anti-mold, crack proof , environmentally friendly and pollutant free. Raising your feet slightly on our ergonomic foot rest can take the pressure off the backs of your legs, and ease your whole body into a more restful posture; Flip the round side over to enable active sitting and keep your feet moving all day long; 

It will be a good choice to use it in your office, at home, back seat of your car, etc. Customer’s satisfaction is more important than sales; for any reason that you are not satisfied with their footrest, do not hesitate to contact them directly, they will give you a replacement or refund taken it seriously.
My Opinion: I am a short woman so I have been in need of a footrest for awhile and this one fits nicely under my desk or I can use it sitting in a chair watching tv, it is so comfortable and durable.

This is a Tomoson Review which I received the product for free or at a reduced price but I was neither swayed to leave a positive or negative review. 

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