Tuesday, May 26, 2020

AstroFlipping Real Estate Education Course Online

**This is a sponsored post which I will be compensated for**

If you are like me and watched reality tv and saw one of those shows where they flip houses you may be wondering where do I start? I would start with a real estate education course online so I could learn and AstroFlipping provides material to new and seasoned real estate investors with the goal of growing and scaling a professional wholesaling business. The courses are separated into two categories Astro Accelerator which is for anyone looking to start and build a full-scale acquisition/dispositions wholesaling operation. Perfect for people who already have a business and are looking to scale to 6 or 7 figures. 

Also perfect for individuals that are new to real estate and want to take a deep dive into creating a full-scale wholesaling operation. What you get is 6 Week Training, 78 Step-by-Step Videos, Downloadable Contracts, Join Active Community, Lifetime Access, Acquisitions Focused, Dispositions Focused, Microflip Focused, and 2 Group Training Calls per Week for 6 Months.
  Astro Accelerator Executive is for those who want to build out their team and create a wholesaling empire. Perfect for business owners who want to scale to 7 figures, grow their staff, and have their systems and websites personally customized and built by our professional team. You get 7 Week Training, 88 Step-by-Step Videos, Downloadable Contracts, Join Active Community, Lifetime Access, Acquisitions Focused, Dispositions Focused, Microflip Focused, 2 Group Training Calls Per Week for 6 Months, Two Custom Websites Included, Full CRM Setup Included, Workflow Automation, Team Build Out and Organization. These are all things that will help if you get lost, stuck, lack motivation/confidence, and meet others like you in the AstroFlipping community which is a growing family of hungry entrepreneurs from all stages and walks of life. This is not just world-class education; this is a group of real investors doing real deals all over America.

Remember you can sign up as a team or you can sign up alone and still have lots of training, learning, and support at your fingertips. They will tell you how they succeed and you follow those instructions to be on your way to financial success. I understand flipping houses is a process and being able to find houses for little and do some upgrades to make a profit means you need to understand which states and real estate markets are booming to make a great profit unless you want to start small in your spare time and work up to great success as this is at your one time and speed that works for you.
As you know when you take real estate education courses online at the end and you finish all the courses there is no better feeling of “graduation” and getting certificate or a diploma to show that you did it and such an accomplishment. It just feels good and great for the self-esteem when you completed something and not on to your next adventure in life which is investing in real estate and being a real estate agent.

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