Thursday, May 14, 2020

Melvin Brewing

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Located in Jackson, WY is Melvin Brewing where you can visit them they also have one in Alpine, WY and Eureka, MO. But if you live in Massachusetts they have launched there as well.  But, if you are not near any of those locations you can purchase swag online like shirts, sweatshirts, hats, key chains, stickers, cozies, flasks, water bottle, glasses and so much more. All the beers come in a can with cool artwork on them and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. Named Great American Beer Festival Small Brewpub and Brewer of the Year.

The variety of craft beers they make are RIIPA Series Cloudy 5000 Hazy IIPA they revved up the Melvin machine to maximum juice per minute for this hazy RIIPA. Additions of flaked oats and wheat create a pillowy mouthfeel, and massive amounts of Mosaic and Citra hops provide a juice box of ripe mango, passion fruit, papaya, and pineapple flavors. Until next time…Cloudy 5 Gs.
2X4 Double IPA this is the best damn DIPA in the world. So if you were even considering sulking today, think again. Their 2x4 Double IPA is the Gold Winner of numerous note-worthy awards, including the Alpha King Championship; two years in a row, and counting. You’d be crazy not to drink this. So close your eyes, open up, and experience the mad floral, citrusy, and clean taste of hop talent. If you don’t love it, no…you will.

Arc’teryx Collaboration Son of Apocalypse three years later  this was born, the perfect beer to celebrate shared experiences in the Tetons and beyond. Son of Apocalypse is a crisp and smooth IPA at 5% ABV and 70IBUs a delightful addition to your anticipated apr├Ęs or your reward after going full send.

Killer Bees American Blond Ale is a clean, smooth, slow motion, easy-drinking, honey. The palette cleanser extraordinaire. Perfect for mowing your unwatered lawn, sipping in the shower, or fishing on a Sunday. Low in alcohol, but high in enjoyment, this beer will not let you down and if it does? Give it a good talking to.

PILSGNAR being constantly inspired, refreshed, and challenged by the rugged yet beautiful terrain on the West Coast of Wyoming. The beer you are holding is liquid sunshine and the perfect companion on your next outdoor expedition. Pack it in, pack it out, and add some Pils to your gnarly life.
 So if you are looking for a great craft beer Melvin Brewing is a great place to start as they have so many different and unique flavors that was born in the back of a Thai restaurant in 2009 when owner Jeremy Tofte decided to bring beers from the future to Jackson, WY. The 20-gallon brew system quickly grew into a 3 barrel system, and they served their award-winning beers the original Melvin IPA, 2x4 Double IPA, and Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb with sides of Asian street food, kung fu movies, and old school hip hop.

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