Wednesday, May 19, 2021


 I enjoy playing games online in my free time and plus when I am feeling anxious it helps relax me and I found a place online called which allows me to play free games. With over 100 games that keep growing with a game for anyone, I am going to highlight a few below but I would go to the site and check them all out as they have Player Favorites, Pinball, Retro Pixels, Arcade Classics, Base Defense, and Simulation Games, plus many more categories on the bottom of the main site screen. 

Pac-Rat was inspired by Pac-Man the object of the game is to eat the cheese. Avoid the cats unless you just had a power pellet, in which case treat them like cheese. I played the game for a bit and it took me practice to play with the arrow keys as it has been a while since using just the arrows to play games but it is similar to Pac-Man but with cats and mice so much fun to play! 

My Creation

A game for children is Cute Shapes: Color and Shape Art how to play click anywhere on the loading screen to bring up the game’s welcome screen. Click the start button to bring up the playing field. The homepage also contains buttons for Tweeting a link to the game or turning sounds on or off. Strategy: This kid’s art game is straightforward so there is not a whole lot of strategy to it, though it can be used to discuss colors, shapes, sizes, orientation, and emotions.

Find the Pug hidden object game by challenging your mind by looking through the sea of dogs before the time runs out. 

These are just some of the games I like but there are so many more at and they help with so many skills you can learn from creating things, brainteasers, storylines, and more. 

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