Thursday, December 9, 2021

New Years 2022 Dream Home

 With 2022 in less than one month have you started a list of things you want to accomplish for the New Year? I do a New Year’s resolution every year and see what I can accomplish on and see what needs to be focused more on. I tend to think about my work and how I can expand it being an introvert which has its ups and downs.

 For 2022 would you like to move into a new home that you bought? What a great gift that would be for Christmas or the New Year as you can imagine what you want in a home from being cozy, having a fireplace, multiple bedrooms, warmer climate, peaceful, and many ways to express yourself.

Since I live in Maryland I will tell you what I am looking for in a new home not only one that is affordable but also one that I will qualify for so I need to use a mortgage calculator to know what my payment will be and you can see yours at

What I want in a home is one with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a kitchen with a dishwasher, near the beach, it can be a small home, trailer or condo just something is what I want in a home. Maybe you live in London and have a better idea of what you want close to work, shops, easy to take the public transport, etc. It is all that you want your place to be for your dream home.

I put in a home costing $250,000.00 US Dollars and putting a down payment of $5,000.00 U.S. Dollars as you can see on the graph how it is calculated for pounds using the Mortgage Calculator. You can also see the breakdown of your payment schedule which is helpful.


 I know there may be some people out there wondering while we have COVID how will this impact your home purchase? It won’t really unless you let is you can do virtual tours, the realtor will video chat or you can view the home with a mask in person. The paperwork may be done all via email but have a phone call or video chat on the other end as the Real Estate market will assist in any way to make you comfortable along with safely. So whatever dreams you have in 2022 don’t be afraid to make them come true and go for what you want in life! 

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