Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is Non -GMO Month

 Have you heard? October is Non-GMO Month? Do you know what that means? It helps bring awareness to the issues of genetically modified or transgenic organisms in today’s food system. It is to help encourage more studies to provide evidence that genetically modified crops and even animals. I know I love to eat organic and I have to say I notice the difference and quality of organic food oppose to non -organic foods. I know recently a study came out and said that there is no difference in eating Organic and non-Organic I have to say I notice a difference my body noticed the differences as well. An example I went to Whole Foods and got a brownie which is made with organic sugar instead of the usual processed sugar and corn syrup and my body responded better. I am not saying to eat brownies and gain weight it is just a comparison to how Organic is better than processed foods. I think a lot of health problems people would not have if they eat more foods that were all natural or organic cause really do we know what hormones where used and how that may have long term repercussions?
The Month of October is to help educate you and think about the foods you eat and urge the government to help with longer studies to see how these transgenic foods affect everyone. Visit the following website to learn more and get involved with what you put in your body. It is as important as seeing your doctor and to think you may not need to see them as much if you thought about what you put into your body first.

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