Thursday, October 4, 2012

Malibu C

I received in the mail as part of a product review Malibu C Scalp Wellness Kit. Malibu C is 100% Vegan and is free of Sulfates, Parabens, Propylene Glycol and sodium chloride. I just want to give a little in-site on each of these products that are found in your everyday shampoos I was reading that sulfates are not good for you and here is why it can cause dry skin, scalp irritation, and hair loss! Even worse, the process of converting SLS into SLES can contaminate the shampoo with dioxane, a human carcinogen. Now I had never known this and only recently when I started wanting to learn more about organic or natural products that I am starting to understand why people become vegan. Now Parabens why we should not use them and this I found interesting The debate surrounding the use of parabens in hair products and cosmetics goes back to 2004 when a study by Philippa Darbe, PhD published in the Journal for Applied Toxicology suggested parabens could be related to breast cancer. Who Knew? I did not why do they show this type of stuff on television? Propylene Glycol Propylene glycol is used as a carrier for scents in shampoos, and it also helps retain moisture. However, the chemical can cause allergic irritations in some people, and the chemical can also cause your scalp to release excess oil, so the shampoo industry effectively feeds off of making products that cause your hair to get very oily because your scalp does not like to be attacked by foreign chemicals. Ever notice that oily feeling that can occur so quickly after washing hair? If you don't use shampoo with propylene glycol along with several other nasty chemicals, your hair won't get as oily, so it won't need to be washed as often. Sodium Chloride Sodium chloride (table salt) is used to thicken the mixture if the main surfactants are sodium lauryl sulfates. If the surfactants are ammonium based, then ammonium chloride is used. Salt can make the shampoo harsh and sting the eyes, so more expensive thickeners are used to keep the salt levels low. Makes you wonder now why we use these shampoos after reading all this don’t you? Now back to my original topic Malibu C.

I got the Scalp Wellness Kit and here are my results:


The smell was a little unpleasant but it worked well with my hair and it is less dry. I would recommended this product and it is very reasonably priced. Check them out online at .

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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