Monday, October 22, 2012


Are you stuck this person very well and I want to get the perfect gift but have no idea what that is? Or stuck on what to get that special someone for Christmas? I have a great idea for you it is called Snomee. It is a snow globe that is also a gift card holder. A gift card would be an awesome idea then they can buy what they want or maybe go there favorite restaurant of coffee shop. Then they also have this neat snow globe keepsake that can be used for years to come. Maybe you know someone who collects snow globes you could give them one of these as well. The prices are also very reasonable. They have so many to choose from I got the Multi-Meadia Snomee for product reviews purposes and it is so great and unique. Besides what I got they have dining out, reading, fashion and so many more to choose from. Visit and check out all their Snomees. About Snomee: So who exactly is “Snomee”? Well the short answer is that Snomee is the brainchild of two people, sales and marketing director Michael O’Sullivan and creative chief Simon Roberts. However to really understand who Snomee is you’ve got to understand why we came together what it is we’re trying to achieve. Both Michael and Simon share a passion for those precious gift-giving moments. We’ve all been there, that perfect moment when you give a gift to someone you care about- that moment of puzzlement as they try to guess from the shape of the package what’s inside, the excitement as they tear off the paper and finally that look of glee and surprise as they discover what they’ve received. There’s nothing in the world quite like seeing someone you love open and appreciate a gift that you picked out for them.
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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