Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fridge Butler

Do you have an overcrowded fridge? Do you wish you just could have more room in your fridge? I have a great new product for you it is called Fridge Butler it is a lazy Susan for your fridge. It can make all your condiments all neat and just spin it around until you find what you are looking for just think you will not be embarrassed anymore when someone goes in your fridge. It comes in three sizes 13.5”, 14” and 15.5 “you can but one or all three for one low price.

Besides being in your fridge you can place it on your kitchen table, use it in your cupboard or wherever you would like it to look neater. I use one of mine for my breads as I have been able to find a bread box in stores that look good and sturdy.
Two of the trays have holes on the side for easy carrying. The uses for the Fridge Butler is so versatile and endless what would you use it for? Do you know how it got started? I will tell you Out of sight, the items in our refrigerator were going unused. When we did remember to look for them, searching and reaching for what we needed was a chore. The Fridge Butler was created to easily display, and carry the items to your fingertips. Mike Allette, founder of Frigebutler, LLC, is a mechanical engineer by education and trade with 44 years of manufacturing experience including companies such as Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp, Weber Knapp Co., Wright Industries, & Babcock Wilcox. Mike is the proud father of 6 children and 10 grandchildren and his passion for family is unfaltering. In May of 2010, Mike’s brother Joe sent him on a quest to develop a product line of Lazy Susan’s for the refrigerator and by December 2010 the concept became reality. Mike’s passion for philanthropy and making a difference in people’s lives led him years ago to help develop a workshop for the mentally handicap. Over the years this workshop became Allied Industries, a division of the Resource Center in Jamestown, NY, which employs people with special needs. In keeping with his meaningful passions, Mike decided to have Allied Industries produce the Fridge Butlers. So not only are our consumers thrilled with what the Fridge Butler has brought to their organization efforts, but by purchasing one, they are helping support the Resource Center and the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. So purchase your set of butlers today and you will have had a hand in enriching others. I really like how they support Christian Foundation for children and the Aging as I believe we all need to have a spiritual believe. Order and

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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