Friday, September 11, 2015

Bud's Best Cookies Great School Lunch Snack

Located in Birmingham, Alabama is Bud’s Best Cookies which I have seen sold locally at Dollar Tree in my state and I have wonder what other kinds of cookies do they make besides the very few in store and was I surprised to know they have a lot of cookies. I was sent a wide variety to try and they were. 2.25oz bags of 
Caco Chocolate- and the only way to get to the mouth-watering vanilla crème on the inside are to go through the crave-inducing chocolate cookie on the outside.
Pecan Chocolate Chip Supreme- because there's no limit to how much yumminess you can pack into a cookie, we took our already delicious Pecan Supremes and packed them full of rich chocolate chips.
Candy N’ Cookie Butterfinger- We didn't lay a finger on these Butterfingers; we laid a cookie on them.
Orange Bite Delights- The dreamy aroma will transport you to sunny summer days of old while the sweet orange chunks will make you think the ice cream truck is right around the corner.

Chocolate Chips- the classic. How do you improve crunchy cookie and chocolate chips? You don't. You just make sure you always have them in stock.
Vanilla Crème- imagine smooth, creamy vanilla sandwiched between two flaky, golden discs of deliciousness.
Chocolate Mint Crème Cookies-a fresh minty crème in a crispy chocolate cookie. Not only does it taste amazing but it will also give you the best smelling cookie breath you've ever had.
Vanilla Wafers 3 oz.-  No banana pudding is complete without our most popular cookie.

Chocolate Peanut Butter 6 oz. -There's nothing better than rich chocolate cookies with a creamy peanut-butter filling.
Uncle Al’s Iced Oatmeal 5 oz. tray- a large cookie packed with oats and topped with a layer of sweet icing.
Uncle Al’s Vanilla Crèmes 5 oz. Tray- which is a sandwich cookie with two crispy vanilla cookies and a vanilla crème filling.
Uncle Al’s Old Fashioned Stage Plank- A large, crunchy cookie packed with the flavor of molasses, like an iced ginger snap.

My Opinion- I really did enjoy the flavors on the cookies except the Iced Oatmeal as they tasted burnt to me for some reason everything else was delicious. I like the affordable price and wish more flavors were available in store.
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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