Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sapphire Soul Lotus Magic September 2015

There are so many different subscription boxes out there but I have yet to see one that is more for those who want are opened minded souls looking for a way to become more in tuned with yourself  by reconnecting and recharge. Sapphire Souls is all of those founded by Allison Dailey who is a mom, wife, multi-passionate entrepreneur, Soulistic Lifestyle Coach, Level 1 Buti Yoga instructor and Desire Map Facilitator.

I got to review September 2015 Sapphire Soul box which is ode to the lotus and I was unsure what I would get but when it arrived I was so surprised what was inside but before I tell you let me tell you what it costs they have many kinds of boxes like Original Mind + Mystical Box which is $33.00-$385.00 plus shipping of $8.50.Potions Pack which is $17.00-$196.00 with shipping of $6.00 and so many more. 

I got the Original Mind + Mystical Box which contained Rose of Jericho (retails $9.00) which Like the lotus, a symbol for rebirth and renewal. They can lie dormant for years, then when given a little nurturing and care....have the ability to come to life again.

Lotus Incense holder and Lotus incense (retails $6.00) both from HEM which a high quality incense from India. You can use these to relax or whatever you would like to.

Lotus locket w/ soul scroll and real raw Sapphire nugget (retails $26) Don't let the size of this sapphire nugget fool you, small but mighty. Real sapphire's (even the raw, cloudy ones) are pretty expensive! I was able to find small enough pieces to incorporate into the box. Please use caution when opening, additional sapphires cannot be sent out.  This locket is multipurpose! Keep your favorite (small) gemstone inside and place on a necklace of your choice to wear. Hang from a window, dangle from your rear view mirror or adorn that hot bod + sacred temple. This can also be used as an essential oil diffuser locket! Just use a few drops of your favorite oil on a cotton ball and keep inside to wear your aromatherapy all day long! Sapphires are a symbol of wisdom, royalty and the divine. It brings protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. Sapphire's are one of the most divinely associated gems in nearly almost every religion. They symbolize power, but also kindness and good judgment.

Core Desired Feeling Tattoo from Danielle Laporte (package of 10 for $12.00) I got Abundant  which is a nice one and I am yet to find out what core desired feeling I am.

Sapphire Soul Signature Tattoo (package of 14 costs $15) where you can learn the meaning behind the symbol.

Truthbomb Card (comes in a deck of 134 and retails for $34) I got Joy is Power

Sodalite gemstone bracelet w/ Lotus charm (retails $26) consider this our Sapphire 'signature' bracelet! Know that you are not alone- you are connected to a group of like-minded sisters who are rooting for you.

Sodalite tumbled or heart stone (retails $6.00-$8.00) sodalite is a stone of the throat and third eye chakras. They bring order and calm to the mind. Sodalite helps to calm panic attacks and anxiety while enhancing self-esteem and self-trust. Sodalite is also known to be a stone of athletics and helps to stimulate endurance. (Sub: Blue Goldstone) Blue goldstone is actually a man made stone also known as a "galaxy" stone because of its interstellar looks. Like Sapphire, it connects one with the divine and assists in learning and communication. It is known as the "stone of ambition".

My Opinion: I am really impressed with what came in the box as how perfect this is for me as I am a September baby Sapphire is my birthstone I like the meaning of everything as I feel I am about the bloom again and start a new adventure. I feel it is definitely worth the price.
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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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