Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Swingline Speed Pro 25 Electric Stapler

Back to school is here and that means school supplies you may need for the upcoming year. Can I tell you about the SwinglineSpeed Pro 25 Electric Stapler? This is an amazing stapler let me tell you as you can staple up to 25 sheets at one time and makes it 3 times faster than other staplers out there with a jam free guarantee. This stapler holds standard staplers and has a window you can look to see how full or empty it is, plugs into the wall and with suction cup bottoms this will sit securely on any surface. The staples come separately so make sure to pick some up at the store if you do not have any at home.

My Opinion: I love the stapler it is easy to use and can have many uses from craft projects, work letters, pamphlets, business promotions and more. It is better than trying to staple them by hand then having a sore hand by time you are done. Thank-You Shoplet for letting me test this out.

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You can also find Office Supplies, Cleaning Supplies including toilet paper and tissues, Medical Supplies such as wheelchairs,  Office Furniture including chairs, desks, filing cabinets and more. 

Disclaimer: I received this free as part of a product review and this is solely my own which may differ from yours. 

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