Thursday, January 28, 2016

Try The World Thailand Box

If you like to try foods from other countries but have a fear of flying or maybe you are like me and do not have the extra money or luxury of traveling why not subscribe to Try The World a monthly subscription box that is curated by expert chefs. I got the Thailand Box which included 8 specialty foods to start my culinary journey with chef Jet Tila. 

Tom Yum Soup Set which is a perfect balance of sour and spicy which is known for medicinal properties. The spices included in this set are harvested from a small village in northern Thailand and make it easy to cook your own at home. 

Coconut Flour Syrup is a common sweetener that is hand harvested and made by collecting the nectar that flows from coconut blossoms when they are cut in western Thailand. 

Taro Chips which is a starchy root vegetable that tastes like a potato but richer and milky in flavor. In Thai markets it is generally sold fresh, cooked and fried.  

Curry Paste long ago, Thai gooks took inspiration from Indian curry to create a distinct variation with fresh herbs. Based on their traditional family recipe, Nittaya is known for its quality and as a staple ingredient in Thai home kitchen.  

Coconut Crisp Rolls in Thai, these crumbly cookies are called thong muan. Thong means gold so giving these cookies to someone as a gift is interpreted as a wish for wealth. 

Jasberry Rice this new strain of rice is packed with antioxidants and fiber, making it one of the most healthful varieties.

Eros Soft Dried Jackfruit Thai families generally buy fruit and vegetables from trucks in the street that announces their daily selection. This produce forms an important part of the diet. Locals eat the fresh or the dried variety as a snack during the day.  

Thai Iced Tea the milky and grassy flavors of Thai iced tea make it one of Thailand’s best loved beverages. This kit is made by a company that was built on the site of Bangkok’s old royal palace and strives to preserve Thai culinary culture.

My Opinion: This is a great box to try different items from around the world and the price is comparable to other like boxes. I enjoyed the coconut crisp rolls and coconut flour nectar both very tasty. The jasberry rice was interesting. 
Is you would like to try it yourself the prices are $39/every 2 months, $105/every 6 months and $198/1 year as this ships every two months. Visit  to learn more.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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