Saturday, January 16, 2016


Coffee we all drink it and I have acquired a taste for it in my thirties as I felt I was not an energetic as in my teens and twenties, my husband loves it more then but drinking  at least no lie five cups a day maybe more. When I saw Melitta coffee I knew I wanted to try it as my husband would enjoy it as he loves anything dark and the darker the better I am more of a medium/light person. Let me tell you about the Melitta coffee I got
Café De Europa Espresso Toscana which is A Bold, Rich Coffee Reminiscent of those served at the finest cafes in Tuscany with extra dark roast, 100% Arabica coffee, single serve with 12 coffee capsules individually sealed in freshness packs. The unique capsule design allows you to see the coffee and smell the aroma and 100% recyclable capsule (inner filter cup, outer capsule).

Café De Europa Vienna Roast with a deep intense flavor with a velvety finish; superbly balanced and never bitter. 12 Individually Sealed Cups; Each Filled with Dark Roast 100% Premium High Grown Arabica Coffee Encased in a Real Melitta Filter Which Produces a Richer, Bolder Cup of Coffee. Every Cup Is Packed in a Unique Thermal Sealed Freshness Pack, Which Locks in The Flavor. When You Open The Freshness Pack and Remove The Cup, Your Senses Are Romanced By The Bright Aroma of Rich, Premium Coffee That Can Be Seen Through The Classic Melitta Filter. Café De Europa Single Serve Is Designed So The Water Fully Saturates The Coffee, Maximizing The Flavor Extraction. The Result Is a Coffee Flavor That Is Full-Bodied and Flavorful, Reminiscent of Drip Coffee Brewing. All Components of the Cup and Freshness Pack Are 100% Recyclable.

European Extra Dark Roast with a complex, deep full flavored with smoky overtones yet delightfully smooth. This has 10 capsules and you can see, smell and taste the difference.  Savor the flavor of gourmet European Café style coffee in your Keurig machine. The Melitta single-serve cups are made with 100% premium beans, batch roasted and ground extra fine. The innovative cup design allows water to fully saturate the coffee, maximizing flavor extraction. The result is a bold and more flavorful coffee experience. Enjoy.
The Freshness Seal
Hazelnut Crème which has a buttery rich flavor of wild hazelnuts with a sweet creamy finish this medium roast comes with 10 capsules which is unique and allows you to see the coffee and smell the aroma.
My Opinion: This Melitta coffee is some of the best on the market it is comparable to the other brands out there. I can find some easily in stores but not as many as listed on the website. The flavor and design of the cups is great and I like how eco-friendly they are. I love the freshness seal it is just difficult to open but when you do the smell hits you and opens your senses. 

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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