Friday, January 22, 2016

Caillou Learns To Share

Out now from PBS distribution and produced by dhx media is Caillou Learns to Share with 7 stories. In Caillou Learns to Share, Caillou discovers that sharing his things with the people he loves always turns out better in the end. From teaching his friends Clementine his special art technique to taking turns at playing “conductor” with his friends and family to sharing his favorite things with little sister Rosie even after she accidentally scratches his bicycle. Caillou learns that sharing not only makes him feel really good it makes those around him feel good too! The 7 stories on this DVD is That’s Mine, Copycat Clementine, Caillou’s Poster, Playhouse Play Date, Caillou Conducts, Caillou’s Song and Where’s Caillou?

My Opinion: I think all kids need to learn to share and finding a way to do it in a positive way is a plus as a parent you may not know how to approach your child and explain why they need to share and be nice and this video shows them in a easy to understand way.
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