Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Neuhaus History Collection Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2016

Neuhaus has been around for over 150 years and started in 1857 when Jean Neuhaus who was an owner of a bustling pharmacy in Brussels lays down the foundations for the esteemed reputation of Neuhaus. His grandson, Jean Nauhaus Jr. is the mind behind the Belgian praline and his wife is the inventor of the luxury ballotin. I was recently sent The Neuhaus History Collection The gift box contains 28 delicious masterpieces and a brochure explaining the rich history of Neuhaus, presented in an elegant luxury shopping bag.

   Let me tell you about the chocolates which started in 1857 with Galerie which has praline in a dark chocolate and a range of flavours based on the delicate ganache with caramel finished with a fine note of Fleur de Sel from Guerande on a thin layer of praline. 1912 brought the Jean this exceptional prailine has a rich flavor thanks to the ganache of 64% dark chocolate made with cocoa from Peru.1915 Louise this praline has a tender character with its delicious ganache made from soft milk chocolate from Java. 1942 Suzanne is a melodic fusion of the intensely dark ganache with fresh raspberries on a layer of refined filing of praline.

1958 Caprice is a nougatine shell filled with vanilla from Madagascar covered with an intensely dark chocolate. Tentation is filled with a characteristic ganache of coffee made from Arabica beans covered in a soft milk chocolate. 1959 Albert is a luxurious combination of flavours combining dark chocolate a filling of hazelnut praline and a carmelised hazelnut. 1970 Cornet Dore is a graceful golden cone filled with delicious gianduja a famous Italian blend of hazelnuts and chocolate with a smooth, velvety texture making the praline melt in your mouth. 1990 Manon Noir is a dark chocolate filled with a smooth chocolate mousse. Manon Lait is a milk chocolate combing light butter cream, praline and caramelized pieces of hazelnut.

 Manon ChocoVanille is white chocolate surrounded in butter cream with vanilla from Madagascar and is finished with a pecan nut. 2010 Plaisir is one of the three latest irresistible and combines a crispy nougatine shell with a ganache based on roasted hazelnuts in a coat of milk chocolate. 2012 Divine combines the divine flavours of soft caramel and pieces of hazelnut. 2014 Cornet Crunchy is a soft and smooth gianduja enriched with crispy pieces of hazelnut.

My Opinion: When you open the box the smell of chocolate hits you like a ton of bricks and they are all very delicious and you can taste the quality chocolate used to make them and I like them all. The ones with the nougatine makes it a little chewy which I enjoyed very much.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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