Monday, January 16, 2017

Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Gifts

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Dollar Tree has some great ideas for Valentine’s Day which is coming up on February 14, 2017. Die-cut Valentine Stickers which can be used to give kids on Valentine’s Day put one on the back of Valentine’s Day card, notebooks or make a picture with them. Floral Garden Heart-Shaped Metal Wreath Rings which are 12 inches is a perfect for creating heart-shaped tinsel, floral or garland wreaths. Glittery Foam Heart Picks which come in a package of seven and they can add a little love to any floral arrangement, gift baskets, decorations, crafts and so much more. 

Plastic Solar-Powered Dancing Cupid or Devil they are 4 inches and I think these are everybody’s favorite because you can put him on in a cubicle or in front of a window and watch them dance away. Now, what is Valentine’s Day without candy Dollar Tree has Sweethearts Candies in a 7- ounce bag these are Valentine’s Day tradition which sweet messages of love and affection on each one. 

Palmer Foil Wrapped Chocolaty Luscious Lips and a 5- ounce bag made of milk chocolate in shaped like lips in foil wrappers of pink and red. Valentine themed cotton candy 1.5oz tub so you can share some love of this fluffy candy in pink cotton candy to share with you, sweetheart.

 Plush Love Bugs which are 6 inches these are cuddly and adorable that have huge heads and small bodies along with being super cute and lovable.    


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  1. The Plush Love Bugs are so cute! The 99 Cent Store is closest to me so I'll have to check out what they have for the upcoming holiday. I love celebrating Valentine's Day!


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