Sunday, October 28, 2018

Box of 30 Assorted Merry Christmas Cards

Box of 30 Assorted Merry Christmas Cards they are blank inside so you can write whatever message you want along they are 4”X6” you get 5 wishes that have mom and baby Fox on it and a light blue background with snowflakes,5 happy new year that has two pine trees on it in snowflakes with a black background,5 Merry Christmas with three Christmas trees on it snowflakes and a red background, 5 let it snow with snowflakes and a light blue background,5 warm winter wishes with a polar bear snowflakes and a blue background, and 5 has a fox and Christmas trees with a pink background. You also get Merry Christmas seals to put on the back of the cards and 30 envelopes.

My Opinion: because some of them don’t say anything to do with Christmas or Mary Christmas or anything like that you can use them all winter long if you are somebody who writes letters a lot. They’re very cute and I can’t wait to send some out this holiday season as I am one who mails Christmas cards and still does snail mail.

This is a Tomoson review which I received a product for free and/or at a reduced price. This is solely my own opinion which might be different than yours and just because I got it for free or at a reduced price does not mean I was swayed to give a positive or negative review.

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