Thursday, July 11, 2019

Winc Plus $22 off Membership

Winc helps you discover new wine and get it delivered to your house, the more you try and rate lets them know what your personal wine preference is. You can get your first 4 bottles for $22 off along with free shipping. Based on my preference I got 2017 Finke’s Sparkling White Blend they are looking to define a new style of quality California sparkling wine that perfectly reflects the state's sun-kissed fruit. This blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay was made by picking each varietal early in the season and using the Charmat Method to produce the lively bubbles, brightness, and freshness. Bottled just six months after the harvest and ready to drink right away, this blend showcases a fresh and youthful wine with a crisp, dry expression on the palate from the Chardonnay and notes of apple, pineapple, and floral aromas thanks to the Chenin Blanc. 

Finke’s has the celebratory feel of French champagne, without the special occasion pricing. Make every day a celebration with this delightful wine.
 2017 Summer Water Rose the dry rosé reflects the pale pink promise of the perfect warm-weather wine. It’s perfectly crisp, lighthearted and destined for a good time. The grapes for this Central Coast Grenache and Syrah blend were picked early in the season to achieve a natural acidity that’s ideal for summer drinking. To ensure as little extraction from the skins as possible, we used the direct press method, retaining the delicate fruit aromas and pale color rosé is known for. The result is light, crisp, and dry - with notes of strawberry, pink grapefruit, rose, and orange blossom. Drink it chilled with the ones you love. Summer-friendly fare like shellfish, ceviche, and salads will pair swimmingly.

2017 Far + Wide Touriga Nacional explore single varietals from the far reaches of the globe, like Touriga Nacional, Portugal's most revered indigenous red grape. Originally native to Northern Portugal, Touriga Nacional is a small, thick-skinned grape traditionally used in the production of Port wines. However, it makes a strong case for its increasing use to make dry red wines, and this bottle helps showcase why. Sustainably grown in the Lisbon area, the grapes for this wine saw aging in stainless steel, resulting in an aromatic red that shows dark fruits, herbs, and spice. With a lighter-bodied profile, it can be served slightly chilled, which makes it a great summer red to pair with grilled meats.
2018 The Bluffer Valdiguie Is it Gamay? It is Grenache? No, this bluffer is Valdiguié. With only a handful of acres growing in California, Valdiguié is a grape you’ve likely never heard of - the only other place it’s grown is in Southern France. Even the first California farmers to discover this grape confused it for Napa Gamay until a traveling Frenchman set them straight. We harvested this fruit from 40-year-old Valdiguié vines (the oldest in California) from the Paso Robles Highlands and kept it in stainless steel for freshness. The result is a fruity, red with lots of lively, tart berry flavor and an herbal kick to finish.
My Opinion: These are great wines and will be nice for Memorial Day and another get together’s or maybe just a night at home watching TV to unwind.

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