Thursday, March 4, 2021

Are Solar Screen Material Rolls Really Worth It?


Texas, Arizona, California, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Florida. What do these states have in common? These states all share cities and areas that have the hottest temperatures in the United States. If you live in or near these areas, no doubt you have tried countless ways to keep the heat of the summer and the summer sun from blasting into your home's windows, driving up the temperature and causing your air conditioners to overwork.

What happens when a central AC unit or air conditioner unite is forced to work too hard? An increase in your electricity bill, possible freezing of your air conditioner, or worse—damaging your air conditioner unit badly enough that it breaks.

Some options can help, but those options such as replacing the windows entirely with tinted windows or tinted window coverings come with their setbacks and high cost. To be honest, not many of us can afford to hire a contractor, purchase entirely new Low-E glass windows and have them installed.

There is another, more affordable way of keeping the sun from baking the inside of your house and that is by purchasing solar screen material rolls!

Wait, What Are Solar Screen Material Rolls?

Solar screen material rolls are rolls of screen materials with special properties that help fight UV rays from heating your home through the windows. The solar screen material is often darker than your regular screening materials. Placed in a window screen frame over a window, they deflect the brightness of sunlight so that glare is nearly eliminated from coming into your home.

Though the solar screen is darker in color, unless very close to the screen, they usually offer the same visibility and clear views normal window screens offer. You can see out your picturesque windows perfectly with a solar screen thanks to the uniform, well-constructed strands in the screen itself.

Solar screen material rolls are made of materials that may include:

·         PVC-coated polyester

·         PVC-coated fiberglass

·         Metallicized PVC-coated fiberglass.

Since the fibers in a solar screen material roll are essentially round, they can refract light, diffusing light entering a space. The percentage of sunlight absorbed, reflected, or transmitted depends on the openness factor and the color of a solar screen.

For instance, there are 80% solar screen material rolls and 90% solar screen material rolls. Both of these percentages block out the sun's heat and UV rays effectively, however, the 90% is darker and it blocks 10% more than the other.

Will They Block The Light Completely?

Solar screens won’t block sunlight from coming into your room—you’ll still enjoy a bright room with plenty of sunshine if that’s what you like. What solar screen material will do is keep the negative aspects of sunlight, namely the glare that accompanies the sun on a very bright day, and lower heat transfer from glass to home. It’s estimated that roughly 30% of a home’s heating and cooling energy is lost through its windows, so adding solar screens to your home can help lower cooling bills and improve the overall comfort of your home.

Should I Buy Solar Screen Material Rolls?

If you struggle every summer with increasing electricity costs and notice each year that your air conditioner is working harder and harder, you should invest in new window screen material. Purchasing new screen material in the form of rolls is an excellent means to save yourself a bit of cash, especially if you know how to replace a window screen yourself.

By purchasing solar screen material rolls, you can measure and cut and easily switch out your old screens with the new ones. Not only will this save you cash on having to hire a contractor and pay them hourly, but using solar screen material can cool your home up to 15 degrees. That is a significant temperature drop that could have your AC unit not working so hard trying to keep up with the UV rays and heat coming from your windows.

Additionally, purchasing the solar screen material rolls are ideal for those who own homes with very large windows, screening projects, or highly customized windows as a roll would suit best for a large project.


Bottom Line: Are They Worth It?

·         Decrease temperatures up to 15%

·         Options in color

·         Choice of 80 – 90% sun blockage

·         Blocking out harmful UV rays that damage skin, paint, walls, carpets, and home furnishings

·         Highly durable, pet-resistant, and long-lasting

·         Exceptional price for any sized project in a single roll

·         Help lower electricity bill

·         Ease overworking of AC units

We think the above points almost speak for themselves! Solar screen material rolls are truly worth it in the long run for lowering your electricity bills, taking the strain off your AC unit, and saving you no doubt thousands in the future both by being energy conserving as well as durable and long-lasting.


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