Thursday, March 18, 2021

Blown Glass Ornaments

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I love Christmas and my favorite part about decorating the tree is the ornaments and I love the old fashion blown glass ornaments where each one is different but looks amazing on the tree! Blown Glass Holiday Home Christmas Ornament is nestled in quaint little villages, cottages represent the heritage and culture of the glass ornament artisans. They often created images that reflected their day-to-day lives.

Therefore, cottage ornaments were proudly styled after the humble homes in which the glassblowers lived and worked. This adorable home is a great reminder of your first family home, even when you are far away. Ah, home sweet home!


Blown Glass Hanging Soldier Nutcracker Blue 6 inch Christmas Ornament

Nutcrackers were first carved by commoners as a joke because it was considered fun to make a little wooden king or soldier do the menial work of cracking the tough nuts. Today, nutcrackers are often associated with the Christmas holidays due to their whimsical nature and the very popular Nutcracker Suite Ballet.


Blown Glass Holiday Shopping Bag Ornament for many, Christmas coincides with gift giving. Shoppers race to stores in search of the perfect gift for every loved one. Filling gift bags for family and friends to open on Christmas morning is a tradition that celebrates the incredible love of this holiday.


Blown Glass Hanging Patriotic Snowman, snowmen have been built by adults & children alike since the Middle Ages. In 1494, Michelangelo was commissioned to build one in Florence. Help celebrate the Red, White & Blue year-round with our star-spangled snow-gentleman!

 Hand Painted Blown Glass Ornaments look great on any Christmas Tree, Wreath or Garland check them out at

Blown Glass Hanging Jingle Bell Santa Christmas Ornament the legend of Santa Claus is derived from the European figure St. Nicholas and American writers who wrote children s poems in the 19th century. Santa Claus became the jolly man clad in red the folk hero all children dream about on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus embodies childhood innocence and magical delight.

Founded in March 2020, Schmidt Christmas Market is a place where Yuletide splendor and good deals collide. Our inspiration for Schmidt Christmas Market came from our worldly explorations. More specifically, the Christmas markets we found in Vienna, Austria. Following our trip to Austria in 2019, we decided to create a Christmas store of our own. In the hopes of standing out, we developed a digital platform where customers could shop to their heart’s content.

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