Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Build A Dream House Sponsored

Giveaway Sponsored by Build a Dream Playhouses!

You know how frustrating it is when you buy your child a toy, and they wind up playing with the box?! You spent money on this great toy and there is your child playing in the box! There they are making it a car, house, castle or more. Well Build A Dream Playhouses took that idea and ran with it! 

Build A Dream Playhouses makes safe, affordable, eco friendly products that stimulate the imagination of kids! While working with a group of kids they have perfected the design of cars and playhouses! Their products are made of 80% recycled materials making the ending product 100% recyclable! All of their products are also easy to assemble and even easier to disassemble and store away! No bulky cars or playhouses to try and hideaway to make room, only flat cardboard! Just slide it under beds or in closets, if your child will ever even get out of it that is!

Enter Below to Win a Dream Machine or Cosmic Cruiser 
from Build a Dream Playhouses!

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