Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fulcrum Gallery

We all like to make a home inviting with art on the wall but have you heard of Fulcrum Gallery? They have so many prints and sizes for any room in your home. I got one for my living room as I have a huge place behind the couch I am looking to fill and got John Rossini Playing Around and size 19x19. This is about  of two cardinals resting at the entrance of their dream home (which is a pail) will delight any person who enjoys birds or nature making the most of what people leave behind.

My Opinion: I really like this print as cardinals have always been around my husband and I rather a glimpse into seeing a loved one pass by or just to say hi. This art work looks great in the living room to see whenever I walk in the front door and fits well. The prices and selection is fabulous to me.
To learn more visit
They have Flower Art, Horse Art, Impressionism and more what type of art do you like?

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