Sunday, November 2, 2014

Surprise Ride Monthly Subscription Box Review and Giveaway

Each month as a child you are looking for a new adventure to spark the imagination. I found Surprise Ride which is a monthly box with a theme I chose the boys box with is a Superhero theme and came with design a superhero cape which has a cape, tye-dye and disposable gloves. Create Your Own Comic with a drawing guide and sketch pencil, Superhero Light Beam which you just stick your finger through the elastic turn on the switch and shoot beams of light. Superhero Sticky Gadget this is flexible and can stretch and see how far you can stretch it, can you pick up a piece of paper?  Totally Awesome Epic Quest Comic Book this comic will teach you bravery and for extra fun name the characters for a friend of yours. The last item in the box is Rockin’ Ola Granola chocolate flavored which every superhero needs for energy to fight crime and more. The granola has many uses alone or mixed with yogurt. The box runs $24.99 a month and arrives personalized for your child.

My Opinion: I like the idea and creative boxes that go into Surprise ride and the products inside are well worth the value but could I pay that monthly? I am not sure I would as the price is about high if it was lower by five dollars it would be affordable for me. But I did like the box and all the things inside for superheroes.

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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.
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  1. all of them look like they would be tons of fun!

  2. I like the Birdsville box with the real binoculars and chance to learn about birds. Fun idea kids can look forward to.

  3. I liked the Birdsville LEARN HOW BIRDS FLY box.


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