Friday, November 28, 2014

Influenster How I Love Thee

If you follow my blog you know I have done numerous reviews for Influenster in the over two year time span. I have gotten Something Blue Voxbox, J’Adore Voxbox, Rose Voxbox and so many more which are located on my blog. I really love all the products I have gotten and most of them are large sizes not all samples sizes. They are truly unique site that I am glad to discover and hope to have many more years with them and let you all my blog flowers know about what I have been up to reviewing and what is worth buying and not worth buying.
I really love all the Voxboxes I have gotten over the years especially those that include chocolate as I am a chocoholic. Thank-You Influenster! Check Them out at
Below you will see some of my Influenster Perks 

I just downloaded the app from Influenster and it is very informative 

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