Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Geeky Games Sponsored Giveaway

I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly the "party planner" type. Often times I will just pick a simple theme and make some token effort. Nowadays I really don't have an excuse to not have a better party plan, especially since there are numerous options to get online for just about any occasion. If you're going for a theme, you really can't go wrong with general pop-culture and/or "nerd" culture items.

That's why I'm pleased to announce a "Geeky Game" Giveaway, in which we're offering a number of fun items from Applique Geek for use at your next get-together or party. I can say from experience that these are quite popular at mixers for children's events and/or birthday parties!

Geeky Game Giveaway

All families love games and these look like so much fun!

Firstly, we have a little clip-out dress-up game for fans of the tenth Doctor--a "David Tennant-inspired" paper doll! Simple, but offers a multitude of options which you can use for a party game to see who can make the most impressive/ridiculous outfit for the good Doctor to wear.

Secondly, a fantastic pack of Nerds with Words! This simple, fun, and addictive game is to combine elements to form words using their elemental symbol. It's quick to play and you'll learn a good number of elements you may have either forgotten or never known about in the first place. Learning is funda-ele-mental!

Finally, a pack of 21 masks and other photo props for people to use while taking pictures and generally goofing around. It's such a pretty wide variety of pop-culture references that just about anyone will be able to find something that they wouldn't mind wearing around for a while.

For a fun little get together or kids party any of these items would be a nice ice-breaker or party favor. Take a look and sign up for our free giveaway to win your very own set!

Special thanks to Defining Dad for hosting this fun giveaway and Applique Geek for providing the awesome prize!

This giveaway is part of the Geeky Giveaway Blog Hop going on through November 14th.
Geeky Giveaway Blog Hop

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