Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Essential Ghoulish Gifts For Halloween That Aren't Candy


A good, low budget Halloween gift that does not involve the dreaded candy is a set of spooky DVDs. Remember to match the choice to the age range you are buying for. For very little ones, Casper The Friendly Ghost is a good bet, or maybe a Scooby Doo film? For older kids then, Ghost Busters can work well. For grownups, there are plenty of horrifying classics like Friday 13, Nightmare on Elm Street and Dracula to ‘get your teeth into.'

Road Trip

If you are more into experiences rather than material possessions how about organizing a road trip as a gift for your friends or family? What better excuse than to get away and explore some of America’s spookiest places than Halloween?

In fact, the spooky tour is quite an established thing now. You can hook up your travel trailer to your SUV and take a trip to a number of cities, which boast haunted houses and strange goings on.

Why not try a trip like this haunted hotel route as planned out on Roadtrippers? It last about 60 hours and has ten stops. One of which is is the Queen Mary Ship. It’s said to be haunted by numerous spirits including a woman in white the roams the Queen's Salon! There is also a male ghost that has been spotted in the first class cabins os make sure you look out for him too.

Quality Costumes


Something else that is not candy related but is very spooky is to gift your loved ones an entire or just part of a costume you know they will love. For example, if they are on the Cosplay end of While one of the most fun things about All Hallows Eve is that you get to eat serious amounts of candy, for some people that can be problematic. Perhaps you are a mom not wanting the kids to each too much sugar? Or perhaps your want to send a gift to someone with a food allergy? Or perhaps, you get easily bored with candy, and you are looking for alternative ways in which to celebrate this year? Then this article if for you.

Spooky Films

the spectrum you could get them a genuine Harry Potter Wand, complete in its own Ollivander's box. Or how about a movie quality Iron Man mask?

SFX Make Up lessons

Another cool idea that doesn't rely on sugar is to gift makeup lessons or kits. It’s possible you could encourage real talents in someone with these items, just like these amazing makeup artists here. Even if it doesn't inspire a career move, you could have lots of fun making you up for the Halloween celebrations.

Halloween Crafts

Lastly, an always popular gift is a craft kit. You can get plenty of Halloween themed ones to keep it in the festive mood. Giving a craft kit is a winner because the recipient gets the joy of creating the item for themselves, and the sense of accomplishment that goes with it. T

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