Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dennis the Menace: The Complete Series

Out now for Mill Creek entertainment is Dennis the Menace: The Complete Series on DVD for an MSRP of $29.98 and contains all 78 episodes. Your favorite neighborhood pest in all his comic misadventures are back! Based on Hank Ketcham’s popular comic strip, this animated series he came a staple in countless households throughout the mid-1980s. Filled with a misguided mischief, hilarious havoc, and youthful curiosity, discover how Dennis became the most lovable troublemaker around.

Disc 1
Season One
1. So Long, Old Paint/Trembly Assembly/Private I
2. A Visitor from Outer Space/Train That Boy/Genie Madness
3. Cheer Up/Ghostbusters/The Life You Save
4. Shark Treatment/Jungle Bungle/Racetrack Menace
5. All the President's Menace/The Love Rowboat/Wilson the Menace
6. Fishing for Trouble/Future Fortune/The Time Bomb
7. Spa-Blahs/Whale of a Tale/Disaster on the Green
8. Here, Kitty!/Circus Berserkus/The Monster of Mudville Flats
9. The Price of Stardom/Space Menace/The Magic Flute
10. Dennis' Yard Sale/The Abominable Snow Menace/It Came from the Planet Dennis
11. Ruff's Hat Trick/A Moving Experience/Lemon-Aid
Bonus: UMIGO Preview – The Geometrics from the Third Dimension
Disc 2
12. Chitty Chitty Moon Walk/Wet 'N Wild/Dennis at the Movies
13. The Supermarket/The Big Candied Apple/The Defective Detector
14. Henry the Menace/Come Fly with Me/Camping Out
15. Up Up and Away (From Here)/Going Ape/Dennis the Pirate!
16. It's a Ruff Life/Professor Myron Mentalapse/Dennis Race 2000
17. A Better Mousetrap/The Wizzer of Odd/Canine Car Wash
18. Ride'Em Cowboy/Tenting Tonight/A Hair Raising Tale
19. Snowman Madness/The Invisible Kid/Home Destruction
20. Hopping Mad/Mayan Mayhem/The Big Power Trip
21. Strong Medicine/Gold Strike/Lights! Camera! Mud!
22. Invasion of the Blob/Wild West Show-Down/The Hen Party
Bonus: UMIGO Preview – Dizzy D
Disc 3
23. Up Up and Oh Boy!/The Company Picnic/Aw Nuts!
24. Clip-Joint Capers/Tanks for the Memory!/Second Honeymoon
25. A Couple of Coo-Coos/The Cloneheads/Nothing But the Tooth
26. Mummy's Little Boy/Horsing Around/Dennis Plasters Pamplona
27. Dennis Predicts/Dennis and the Kangaroo Cavalry/Meatball Mess
28. My Fair Dennis/A Good Knight's Work/Life in the Fast Lane
29. A Nightmare at the Opera/A Royal Pain/Having a Marble-ous Time
30. Marky the Menace/Dennis the Genius/A Step Ahead
31. The Boss Gets Scalped/Mr. Dennistein/Lean Green Jumping Machine
32. The Bicycle Thief/Menace of the Mine Shaft/Margaret's Birthday Party
33. Medieval-Evil/Beaver-Mania/Say Uncle!
Bonus: UMIGO Preview – Pizza Party
Disc 4
34. Sounds in the Night/Dennis Does Hollywood/Ruff to the Rescue
35. The Laundry Business/Journey to the Center of Uncle Charlie’s Farm/Dennis Springs into Action
36. Double Dennis/Timber Wolves/Help Not Wanted
37. Ruff’s Masterpiece/Going to the Dogs/Big Baby
38. Building a Better Dog House/Sir Dennis and the Dragon/Hic!
39. Million Dollar Menace/3D and Me/Barber Shop Disharmony
40. Give a Little Whistle/Charmed I’m Sure!/After Hours
41. Baseball’s Best Ballplayer/Mr. Wilson’s Diet/The Backyard Band
42. So Sorry!/Shock Therapy/Yard Wars!
43. Strike Up the Band/Queen of Chinatown/Tale of a Tux
Bonus: UMIGO Preview – The Geometrics from the Third Dimension
Disc 5
44. Bowling For Dennis/Dennis Conquers The Navy/The Longest Half-Yard
45. Vampire Scare/Give Me Liberty Of Give Me…Dennis!/Wilson For Mayor
46. Dangerous Detour/The Prodigy/The Chimp
47. High Steel/Bicycle Mania/Little Dogs Lost
48. Dennis Destroys Dallas/Black And Blue Hawaii/Oil’s Well That Ends Well
49. Door-To-Door Bore/Dennis In Venice/Young Sherlock Dennis
50. Surf’s Up/Yo Ho Ho!/The Karate Kiddie
51. Dennis And The Deep/K9 Kollege/Housepests
52. Animalympics/No Bones About It/Dennis Takes The Cake
53. Quiet Riot/The Magic Pen/A Feeling For Stealing
Bonus: UMIGO Preview – Dizzy D
Disc 6
54. Househusband Henry/Wheeling & Double-Dealing/Stop That Car!
55. Lights, Camera, Auction/Boy Ahoy/Faulty Alarm
56. Attack Of The Giant Tomatoes/The Dinosaur Doozy!/Funhouse Grouch
57. Dennis The Businessman/Soccer It To Me, Dennis/Camp Over Here/Over There
58. Hullaballoo At Harmony Homes/Phantom Of The Wax Museum/Dennis And The Gypsy Woman
59. Hail To The Chief/Dennis In Microchipland/Handy Dandy Dennis
60. Back To The Drawing Board/Part-Time Helper/G.I. George
61. Dennis Rocks Out/Deserted With Dennis!/Fashionable Menace
62. Wanted: Scarface Wilson!/Ruff Come, Home/10-4 Dennis
63. Heroes Unwelcome/The Martians Are Coming/Ancient Olympics
64. Pool Haul/Fool For Gold/Nothin’ To Be Afraid Of
65.Yankee Doodle Dennis/Dennis The Barnstormer/Trial And Error
Bonus: UMIGO Preview – Pizza Party
Disc 7
Season Two
1. Frankenstymied/Space Race/The Incredible Shrinking Dennis
2. The Great Pie Swap/Climb of the Century/Little Beauty Shop of Horrors
3. Crummy Mummy/Swiss Family Mitchell/Pie in the Eye
4. It's Magic Time/Dennis in Wonderland/Water on the Brain
Disc 8
5. Tunnel Vision/Super Duper Dennis/Ice Show Show-Off
6. Snow Wars/The Moroccan Pigeon/Dennis of the Jungle
7. Young at Heart/Thor-Sicle/A Word from Our Sponsor
8. A Froggy Day/Loch Ness Mess/Box Office Smash
Disc 9
9. Menaced Marriage/Dennis of the Yukon/Seal of Approval
10. Instant Replay/Underwater Wonderland/Safe at Home
11. A Fox Tale/Gorilla Warfare/Shared Interest
12. Kooked Goose/Pell Mell Hotel/The Old Ball Game
13. The Wright Stuff/Hassle in the Castle/Wilson's Night Out

My Opinion: I was a child of the 1980s and used to watch Dennis the Menace every Saturday morning it was on and I really enjoyed this series as I’ve never met somebody that was a troublemaker as a kid getting into everything. It is very entertaining and a great series.
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