Monday, September 26, 2016

Here's Why You Will Love The New Coachmen Catalina RV

Many folks love nothing more than to head out on the open road in their RVs. It's a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors. Plus, it has many advantages over conventional accommodation like hotels.

As you might know, there are literally thousands of RV choices on the market these days. When it comes to buying a new RV, there's no denying that one is spoilt for choice! One of the hottest new models on the market is the Coachmen Catalina RV.

The following is an in-depth review of the Coachmen Catalina RV and what it has to offer:

Why the Coachmen Catalina RV is a popular choice

There are many brands in the RV world that people trust. One of them happens to be the Coachmen name. One of the things that piqued my interest in Coachmen RV travel trailers is the price. The Catalina range, in particular, is a versatile line-up of affordable models.

Another fact that makes the Catalina RV so popular is that it appeals to many lifestyles. For example, it can get used by weekend travelers or even those that live on the road.

And then there's the styling. The sad truth about the RV industry is that most models look boxy and boring. The Catalina marks a refreshing change to that trend. It's a curvy, sleek and contemporary style of RV that will appeal to everyone.
Variety of floor plans

Some RV manufacturers are limiting in that you have few floor plan options available. With the Coachmen Catalina RV, you have an impressive 19 different floor plan options!

That means you can have the interior of the RV suited to your precise needs. Also, they are ideal for couples with young children in tow. It's no wonder many people tout the Catalina as a family-friendly RV.

Plenty of power and upgrade options

It's no secret that we live in a world dominated by technology. As a result, there is a demand for plenty of power sockets to charge our gadgets! Coachmen have sought to address that need by offering a range of power options for RV occupants.

Did you know you might not even need to take some gadgets with you? For instance, you can spec a new Catalina out with a fully-featured multimedia system. It includes an MP3 player and iPod docking system. You can even ask for a 32-inch flat-screen LCD TV to get installed!

And if you don't want to break a sweat, the RV's air conditioning system has got you covered. You don't just have to stick with the standard HVAC system. It's possible to upgrade to a 15K BTU ducted A/C system.
A home away from home

One of the things I love about RVs is they offer you "creature comforts" you'd usually only have at home.

For instance, there are full shower and toilet facilities inside the Catalina RV. And there's even the facility to hook up cable TV to the front bedroom as well!


While there are many new RV models on the market, the Coachmen Catalina RV is one of the best out there. With an extensive range of options, one can spec a new one that's unique to their needs.

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