Friday, December 9, 2016

DIY Reindeer Footprint Christmas cards #25 Days of Christmas

What do you need to make this cute reindeer footprint:
Card stock or thick paper. We used red card stock and printed our feet onto white paper. You can also print straight onto ready-made cards
Paint (I used brown)
A marker or other antler drawing materials
Eyes I used googly eyes, you can make your own, draw them on, use buttons…
A shiny nose I used a red pom pom

How to make your reindeer:
Print your footprint onto the card. I printed many feet, because it’s fun and because footprints don’t always work the first time
I printed onto a larger piece of paper and then cut out the best one!
You can of course also print straight onto a ready-made card.
When your footprint is dry, it is time to give your reindeer a face. I stuck on a pom pom nose, drew on two antlers and gave him googly eyes!

The last step was to stick the footprint reindeer onto a red card.

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