Thursday, December 29, 2016

New York Style Recipe Challenge Win A $100 Prize Basket #NewYearsRecipeChallenge Ends 1/10

This year, New York Style is challenging me and yes my readers to create a side-kick recipe to pair with a New York Style gourmet snack. Here’s the challenge:
 Grab 5 common ingredients from your pantry, like cheese, honey, onions, etc.
Using these 5 ingredients, create a unique and custom recipe to accompany either New York Style Pita Chips, Bagel Crisps, or Panetini.
You can also enter on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook I just need a way to contact you so it you enter on my blog I would need an email address in the comments or inbox me at to contact you if you win. If you do a pinterest board leave a comment with the link. If you post on Instagram make sure to tag be in the post. 
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Cranberry sauce, turkey and Havarti cheese On a Bagel Crisp

Mayo, Turkey, Cranberry, and Havarti Cheese  on a Bagel Crisp
I made a recipe using different ingredients to get the creative juices flowing but will make recipes using the above ingredients and post this weekend I just wanted to get this up and let the recipes begin.


  1. I haven't had a chance to run to the grocery store yet but using the Plain Bagel Crisp with some plain cream cheese and topping it with a dollop of blueberry pie filling (I have a can in my cupboard) sounds amazing. Instant cheesecake! It would be a fun party appetizer. Also the Cinnamon Raisin with the cream cheese and Apple pie filling or apple butter sounds delish too!

  2. I would use the Roasted Garlic Bagel Crisps with cream cheese mixed with sour cream and taco mix, then I would add a tomato, jalapeno, and some shredded cheese to it!

  3. I would want to try the plain bagel with cream cheese and pie filling and also cream cheese with pizza sause and pepperoni slice

  4. Bagel crisp-Peanut butter and and little bit of honey!

  5. Would you please let me know about how many calories present in this recipe?I will do my essay regarding the previous recipes and ingredients for making the appropriate juice for individual.


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