Thursday, December 22, 2016

StyleWE $60 Gift Card Giveaway

StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. They are committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality, and exclusive fashion products from independent designers. By working with cutting edge independent fashion designers from around the world, and combining them with their high-quality production in digital marketing capabilities, StyleWe will turn the fashion designers dreams into reality by providing high fashion to customers worldwide. Rather than just an online shopping store, StyleWe would like to create a community which can be shared by both designers and customers. The community will enable all parties to communicate, share ideas, and recognize each other. It would not only provide instant feedback for fashion designers when launching new concepts or products but would also allow customers to share their shopping experiences and fashion dreams. Below are some items StyleWE sells

Missy’s Product Reviews is hosting a giveaway for $60.00 to StyleWE Enter the Giveaway Tools and you must complete all required options on the Giveaway Tools.


  1. I love the CICI WANG
    White Girly Color-block Spaghetti Swing Midi Dress. The black and white combo gives it a classic look, but it also has modern touches.

  2. Tetelee long sleeve casual tunic. Its very pretty

  3. I might get the girly plain hat with bow!


  4. Great tips, commented.

  5. I am in love with the KK2 Black Plain Sheath PU Casual Leather Pants. I must have them!!!


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