Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Horse and His Boy Live Onstage January 20, 2023 -March 3, 2023 At Bible’s World Stage Theater


The Horse and His Boy is C.S. Lewis’s fifth book in the Chronicles of Narnia. The story takes place while the Pevensie's; Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, were king and queen of Narnia. The Horse and His Boy follow Shasta, a Narnian boy who has been raised as the son of a fisherman in Calormen. After learning that his adoptive father is going to sell him into slavery to a wealthy Taarkaan, he confers with the Taarkaan’s horse, a talking horse captured from Narnia. The two decide to escape their cruel master and run away to the freedom that Narnia brings. The dates of the show are January 20, 2023 -March 3, 2023, at Bible’s World Stage Theater

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