Friday, November 7, 2014

Zabada Review and Coupon Code to save 15%

In the world of ever changing cleaning products and becoming eco-friendly comes a company called Zabada and the offer a whole line of cleaning products that are not harmful to you or your family including pets. The older I get I realize how important it is to protect you and your family from harmful chemicals and toxins not to mention you never realize how much it effects your lungs. Back to my Zabada review I got a couple of their products to review and they are Dust Glove which is in the color orange with gray strips and the following features:
A duster that grabs and holds heavy dust, hair and microdust
Removes the common triggers of asthma and allergies
No choking chemicals
Replaces disposable wipes, feather dusters, old rags, chemical sprays
Lasts longer than store-bought dusters (2 to 3 years)
Will only cost 0.30c per week, based on a 130 week lifespan

There are also tips for a better cleaning experience. The other product I got was Dust Marvel with the following features:
Shines glass and smooth indoor surfaces
Removes smears without leaving lint behind
Chemical Free Cleaning
Lasts longer than store-bought cloths (2 to 3 years)
Both of these are part of the Living Care line.
My Opinion: I liked how they worked removing dust and other dirt stuck on my counters. I like the fact I can save money and better for me and my family.

They also have Floor Care, Laundry Care and so much more at
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may be very different then your own.

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