Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ovvio Oils

Ovvio Oils essential oils are all-natural organically grown with no chemicals for optimum use. I like essential oils rather it be for making homemade soap, shampoo, put in the air it is all good no matter what you use it for and I was sent three to review.

Slumber Rest & Recovery which is a blend of eight premium essential oils, Slumber instantly relaxes the restless mind, rids you of anxious thoughts, and soothes the body, allowing you to naturally slip into a sound sleep with peaceful dreams. Expect a full night’s uninterrupted and restful sleep with Slumber. With scents of citrusy and sweet that give a pleasant woodsy and spicy note scents.

Unwind Stress Relief Blend this also has a blend of eight essential oils that is handpicked for their properties which help relax and de-stress. Together, the essential oils of clary sage, lavender, mandarin, frankincense, bergamot, elemi, geranium, and vanilla relax the nerves, reduce anxiety, eliminate stress, and help the person get a restful night of sleep. Have the scents of fresh citrusy and warm earth tones.

Inhale Respiratory Blend is made from six high quality essential oils imported from different parts of the world. Unlike many mass-produced essential oils available in the market which claim to be ‘pure’ and ‘natural’, Inhale is 100 % organic. Have the scents of eucalyptus from Spain, rosemary from Morocco, peppermint and cedar wood from the US, and lavender from France.
My Opinion: I really enjoyed all the scents as it helped relax me, relieve some stress I h ad been feeling and because I suffer from respiratory issues this worked very well to open my airways. I really enjoy the use of natural products oppose to highly toxic ones.
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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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