Saturday, March 14, 2015


I wanted to let you know of a new service out there called Tenantify, this is for landlords looking for people to rent an apartment, house or condo to verify employment as you need someone renting from you that can pay the monthly rent. This is a new service that I just learned about and if I was a landlord I would use this it starts as you putting in your employment and bank information to confirm your status then when it is complete the landlord will charge you this fee typically they call it a processing fee. I think this is a great idea as a credit report shows the past not the current information needed to rent a place. 
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About Tenantify:
Our Mission
We empower landlord to make informed decisions by verifying tenant's employment and income.
We help landlord verify tenant's income via electronic bank statement and verify tenant employment directly with employer. It is a free service for landlord. We save landlord hassle, prevent fraud risk, and make renting worry-free. For tenant, we enhance your chance of application success. Our goal is to reduce friction in the housing market and build trust between landlord and tenant.
Birth of Tenantify
The idea for Tenantify came when Songhua, our co-founder, found himself being a first-time landlord. He quickly realized that the tenant screening process stayed behind with the 20th century. For example, the most common practice in tenant screening is credit report. However, landlords often do not realize that a typical credit report from three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) only indicates a tenant's long-term creditworthiness in the past 7 years. It says little about tenant's current employment status or his/her ability to pay rent. Some alert landlords request paper bank statements and pay slips to verify income, only to find that they need to watch out for fraudulent statements. Little do they know that many websites offer bank statement templates for free.
Thus the idea of Tenantify is born. Our co-founders bring years of experiences in financial innovation, fraud prevention, and business operations to the business and Tenantify's mission cannot be more fitting to our experience and passion.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post to let you know of a new service out there and I was compensated with a gift card for this post. Still all opinions are my own. 

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