Friday, March 13, 2015


When working out you get sweaty and sometimes have a hard time getting grips on weights or just plain doing push- ups that where Gripads come in which I got to review. You may be thinking why is a girl like me who is not very athletic reviewing Gripads? Well I am in the process of getting my fitness on! I need to be a healthier person so I can be at my personal best. Gripads sent me a few items to review and they are Gripads Elite which comes in a plastic container and in the color black, blue and gray which weight lifting grips minimize impact and injury whether you’re lifting hand weights or barbells; or rowing and rope climbing during a Crossfit workout.  Its Neoprene fabrication with the additional Shark Skin Surface, delivers many advantages over typical weight lifting gloves, and it’s innovate construction allows for maximum protection with minimum hand grip constriction.  Its flexible band design allows dynamic movement of the hand while providing greater protection from calluses, blisters, heat, sweat, odors, and color staining.   

Pink Ribbon Weight lifting Gloves for women  and Red Weight lifting Gloves for women which the Pink Ribbon ones honor breast cancer when you buy these a percentage of the sales go back to research for breast cancer here in the US and on the countries. These go on three fingers which are index, middle and ring and more comfortable than the typical men’s glove and are beneficial for: dumbbell training, bench press exercises, back exercises, biceps exercises, triceps exercises, CrossFit training, kettle bell exercises, rowing, spinning, and many other general workouts.
My Opinion: I used this as an aid for push -ups and these helped me from slipping on the floor rather it is on hardwood or carpet, it really helped me keep my form. I will be using these to help build muscle mass in my body as I currently do not have any.
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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours. 

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