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Mediflow Pillow Holiday Gift Guide 2015

I do not know about you but I have a hard time finding a pillow I like as they are either too soft and lose its shape or they do not support my neck enough and I wake up with a sore neck the next morning. Mediflow Waterbase Fiber Pillow this pillow is a unique patented waterbase design which provides responsive support to neck and head while continuously adapting to changing positions. The pillow has three chambers inside cushion of hypoallergenic polyester fiber rests over the water base layer, thermal insulator prevents heat loss and easy to fill water pouch adjusts to your desired firmness and support. You can have a soft, medium or firm pillow. This pillow helps to restore your energy, reduce neck pain and soothe daily stresses.
My Opinion: I have been using this pillow for a month now and I have noticed that I am sleeping better and I have more energy. My neck is a little better but with arthritis I am not sure if it will ever be 100% better but we shall see in the months to come. It was very interesting filling the pillow with water and it took me a few tries to get it in without spilling it even with a funnel.

I want to share with you how the Mediflow pillow works for a better understanding The Mediflow pillow is actually a sleep system. To promote comfort and aid in attaining sleep faster, a pillow must feel soft and comfortable as you lay your head on it. In order to maintain sleep and specifically a deeper more rejuvenating sleep, a pillow must also provide support for the neck as you change positions during the night. For conventional pillows, these requirements are in conflict.  A soft pillow will not provide the support needed for the neck and shoulders and a firm pillow is uncomfortable to the head making sleep difficult to attain. The Mediflow pillow has been clinically shown to provide both soft comfort for the head and support for the neck.
The top layer of the Mediflow pillow is a plump soft layer of polyester that feels soft and cloudlike when you lay your head on it. This deluxe polyester fiber has a special finish to keep it lofty and soft and it makes it very long lasting and washable.

The truly unique feature that sets the Mediflow Waterbase pillow apart from all the others is its Waterbase. The water level in the base can be adjusted by the user to provide the perfect level of support for their unique physiology. A smaller person will usually use a small amount of water and a larger person will usually use a greater amount of water for the extra support they require for a larger shoulder and cervical area. So the Mediflow pillow can be adjusted to ANY person’s required need.

Once the Waterbase is adjusted to the optimum level, the Mediflow system is ready to support that neck and spine by actually adjusting as the user sleeps. You sleep on the cloudlike polyester with the non-compressible Waterbase shifting to fill the gap needed for cervical support and cradle the head as well.  It’s a wonderful sleep system and proven effective over all pillows tested in three different clinical studies.
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Where to buy? At Walgreens, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond plus other fine retailers.
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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